Gas Prices To Rise, Thanks Trump!

OPEC a group of the world’s largest oil producing nations has officially announced that it will be cutting oil production starting in January. The drastic cuts in production will inevitably cause the prices at your local pump to start rising. The news of these cuts alone caused the price at my local pump to jump 15 cents in the span of just one day. The full impact of these cuts aren’t expected to hit until January, but already oil speculators are getting ready.

Now normally I would laugh at almost anybody who blamed oil prices on a president. Generally people who do so know little or nothing about how and why oil prices are actually set, but in this particular case the timing of these cuts are no coincidence.  This is the first time OPEC has agreed to cut oil production in eight years(how long President Obama was office), and they’re doing it perfectly to coincide with Trump’s inauguration.

So the question is why?  The answer is pretty simple. President Obama made the move toward renewable resources a chief plank of his administration. He wasn’t as successful as he would have liked to have been, but the pure and simple fact that he made the threat mattered.

If you’re an OPEC country who’s primary source of income is oil production the threat of the United States moving away from oil entirely and coming up with new technologies that require no oil whatsoever should terrify you.  If and when that happens your entire country will be ruined.  The value of your biggest natural resource would plummet to nothing.

What then is a major oil producing company to do?  Simple, you kill two birds with one stone. You radically increase your oil output. This has two effects. One, it radically lowers the price of oil, and makes it less likely that the United States will move away from it. Why would anybody buy an electric car when the price of gas is dirt cheap. Second, it makes sure you get something for your oil while you still can. Inevitably the world will begin to move away from oil so if you don’t use it up then you lose it. They figured they might as well pump as much of it out of the ground as they can. Even if they can’t get as much as they want for it that’s still better than nothing.

But now that America has elected Donald the Dumpster Dumbface into the White House there is no more reason to fear. Oil companies are now firmly back in control of the United States which means that demand for fossil fuels aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Without fear that renewable resource will come along and make their oil worthless there’s no reason to blow threw it quickly, and there’s no reason to motivate Americans not to buy electric when their own dumb president will likely make that impossible anyway.

The result is a return to higher oil prices.  They can now pump out fewer barrels of oil making it last longer, and charge significantly more money for each barrel.  Thanks Trump!

In fact the fear that President Obama and Democrats would get us off fossil fuels was so high that some OPEC nations like Russia were driving themselves into recessions by keeping their prices so low in desperation to not lose their cash cow. Still don’t believe Russia influenced the election?

So in a few months after Trump gets inaugurated and gas prices start heading north again make sure all your Obama hating friends that tried to blame him for oil prices at the beginning of his presidency, and then didn’t give him credit for them falling towards the end know exactly what is Making Gas Expensive Again.


Something Worse Than Trump

51% leads to another Civil War, and unlike Iron Man vs Captain America it won’t be an entertaining one.

To many people the rise of Donald Trump is scary.  It’s understandable.  Conflict can be scary.  The thought of losing a battle like this can shock the conscience.  It seems like lincolnAmerica has never been so divided.  Republicans are claiming that it’s President Obama’s fault.  They say he’s the most divisive president in history.  Obviously they are wrong.  The most divisive president in history was Abraham Lincoln.  He took the country into a literal civil war.  Over a hundred years after Lincoln’s death he is widely considered to be the greatest ever U.S. President.  At the very least he’s the most popular president in history.

Kind of amazing when you think about it, but I’m sure towards the beginning of the Civil War he felt a lot like Democrats do today.  Asking themselves the scary question…What if we lose?  But while the Civil War was a tragedy the reality is it was almost certainly necessary.  The south was living in a delusion.  They miscalculated.  They believed that more people in this country supported their horrible ideas than what actually did in reality. They believed that a war would get those who shared their values to rise up and reveal their Silent Majority. Losing the war forced them back to reality.  At least for a while.

Go to a Donald Trump rally and one of the most prominent signs you’ll see being waived around by his supporters is that “The Silent Majority Supports Trump!” This notion of a “silent majority” has been around in the Republican Party since all the way back to Richard Nixon. It was part of his Southern Strategy. It’s a code word for closet racists to identify themselves to others.  It’s kind of like the rainbow for gay people.  It’s a way for them to identify like minded bigots without running the risk of saying something openly racist that could get them in trouble.

The people who support Trump believe they are part of a secret society that actually significantly outnumbers the rest of society. They believe that Ivory Tower Liberals use Political Correctness, the Race card, and the left wing media(which in their minds is all media) to keep them quiet when in reality there are far more people in this country that think the way they do than anybody realizes. They point to the ratings at Fox News and conservative talk radio to back their delusion. They think these people simply stay quiet because they fear being called a racist, a bigot, or a misogynist.

The racist south is making the same mistake today that it made during the Civil War. They are deluding themselves into believing that their ideas are far more popular than they truly are.  They believe that the only reason they lost the last two elections to a black man named Barack Hussein Obama is because they sent a “nice guy” that tried to be too politically correct. In their delusional minds McCain and Romney turned off too many of their secret society by pandering to the middle. They believe that if they just send up a candidate who truly and unabashedly articulates their virtues that millions of Americans who think like them will magically get up off the sidelines and vote to take “their” country back.

Trump’s rise is certainly scary, but I believe it is also necessary. I see it is an opportunity. It’s a chance to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt to these people that everything they believe about America is wrong.  To show them once and for all that they are not a Silent Majority.  To demonstrate to them unequivocally that they are in fact a very loud and obnoxious Minority whose time has passed.

I believe it is actually reasonable people who bite their tongue all too often in passing conversation. As a white man I’ve experienced first hand too many white men who think they can make statements around me because I’m a white man like them, and so I won’t judge them. They look around to make sure there are no black people or women in ear shot before they tell me the disturbing joke they think I’ll appreciate.

Donald Trump needs to be crushed this November. Beating him by 51% isn’t good enough.  51% tells white men that they are outnumbered a bit, but they know they have all the guns, and they know all the feminists women that supported Hillary can’t dig a decent fox hole.  51% leads to another Civil War, and unlike Iron Man vs Captain America it won’t be an entertaining one.

To anybody who is Bernie or Bust…To anybody who thinks Hillary is just as bad…to anybody who has suddenly decided they are a libertarian… most importantly to Republicans considering sitting this one out. It’s time to wake up and realize the moment in history we are in.  The 2016 Election is not about policy.  No matter how much you hate Clinton there is nothing she will do in four years or even eight years that could make this country un-salvageable. Donald Trump needs to be obliterated. He needs to be beaten in a way that will make it absolutely unmistakable how weak the position of bigotry is.

In four years when Trump’s former followers are licking their wounds and crying into their confederate flags there will be time for a discussion about tax policy and jobs.  There will be time to discuss socialized medicine, and breaking up the banks. I don’t fear Donald Trump, I fear what a less than united front against him could lead to.  Lincoln won 59% of the vote in 1860, but it still didn’t clue the south into the weakness of their position. Trump’s supporters live in an alternate reality, and if you don’t think they’re capable of starting a full scale war then you do too.  Trump’s supporters must be forced into reality and destroying them in November may be the last chance we have at doing it without violence.