I like Miller Lite

One of the biggest questions that plagues liberals across America is, “Why do working class white people constantly vote against their own economic interests?” Well Liberal America, today I have your answer; it’s your own damn fault, and you did it again.

Over the weekend Republican Governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker took to social media to post some pictures of he and his family grilling out, and a bunch of liberal elitist snobs decided to take it upon themselves to insure that Democrats will never win the state of Wisconsin ever again.

It started with a bunch of food snobs criticizing the way he was cooking his kebabs. Walker replied with an offer to buy them a beer, and predictably these “brilliant” well educated liberals with their superior taste lambasted him for choosing Miller Lite.

Now Miller Lite is certainly not my beer of choice, but it is the beer of choice of thousands of blue collar working class Wisconsinites who don’t vote Democrat specifically because of stupid shit like this. Arguments over what type of economic policy can best create jobs and improve the lives of the middle class can be difficult to understand even for those who are relatively well educated. But when some fancy east coast asshole talks down to you like a moron and treats you like shit because you just happen to think your favorite beer is both “less filling,” and “tastes great,” it’s really easy to figure out who’s side of that argument you should be on.

White middle class voters hate you because they think you hate them. They think you look down upon them as a bunch of simpleton dunderheads who can barely tie their shoes, and have no idea how to appreciate good beer. Well this weekend a bunch of left wing snobs proved them right.

Just take a look at the headline for this Huffington Post article. “Scott Walker angers beer lovers.” Really?!?! Contrary to what hipsters across America might like to think Miller Lite is a beer, and the people of Wisconsin love it. In fact they love their beer so much they drink about ten times more of it than any New York liberal sitting around trying to choke down whatever ass tasting IPA rolled off the line of some “brand new brewery you totally have to try.”

It’s bad enough that blue collar whites don’t believe you share the same culture as them, but shit like this proves that you not only don’t relate to them, but you in fact hate their culture; which is why they’re so scared you’re going to take it away from them. While you and your elitist beer snob friends are laughing at Scott Walker and his Neanderthal taste in beer, he’s laughing at the fact that you just gave him all the ammunition he needs to make sure Trump wins Wisconsin in 2020.

This is the sad reality of Richard Nixon’s southern strategy that has been used by Republicans for over 40 years to get middle class whites to vote against their own interests. Republicans understand that the average American has no fucking clue how to create jobs, or fix health care, or limit income inequality. They can tell voters whatever they want, and it will not matter at all so long as the voters believe that they are one of them.

That’s how tribalism works. If you want to convince a tribe to make you their leader the first thing you have to convince them is that you’re a part of their tribe, and you think it’s a really really great tribe. But despite the fact that Republicans nominated this guy for President…

Liberals still managed to come across sounding even more pompous and less relatable than him. People don’t like being told they’re stupid. I guarantee you that every single solitary person in Wisconsin who thinks that Miller Lite is “piss water” voted for Hillary Clinton, but it still wasn’t enough to win the state.

That’s why it doesn’t matter how horrible of a Governor Scott Walker is. It doesn’t matter that he’s trashing the states economy. Liberals lose because they fail to understand the fundamental reality that the average voter in this country votes for the candidate they’d most like to have a beer with.  Well if you can’t convince a Packer fan to sit down and have a beer with you then there is no hope they’ll ever put you in the White House.






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