So You Say You’d Never Have an Abortion?

Roe vs Wade isn’t simply about protecting a woman’s right to have an abortion. That’s a side effect of the law, but the point of the law is to protect the rights of all women


One of the sadder things I’ve heard a lot ever since the Women’s March on Washington is a lot of women who seem to think that all these women who are protesting for abortion rights are somehow disturbed murderers for even considering the possibility of killing an innocent child. They claim that if a woman doesn’t want to get pregnant then she should have thoughgty-womens-march-washington-4-jt-170121_12x5_1600t about it before she had sex in the first place. They claim that the difficulties of pregnancy are a small price to pay to save the life of a child. They say that they themselves would never think of doing such a horrible thing, and that’s not a right they would ever even want.

Well I have some bad news for those women. That doesn’t matter, and that’s not what Roe vs Wade is all about. Roe vs Wade isn’t simply about protecting a woman’s right to have an abortion. That’s a side effect of the law, but the point of the law is to protect the rights of all women from unwarranted searches and seizures, as well as to protect the basic privacy of any woman during one of the most important times in her life.

One third of all pregnancies in the United States of America end in a miscarriage. Often times this happens before the mother even realizes she is pregnant. It can be a horribly tragic and traumatic feeling to look down into the toilet to see a bloody shape of the fetus you didn’t even realize was there. This is particularly tragic for those who fully believe that life begins at conception. The realization that this potential life form was growing inside of you and you hadn’t even realized it can be heartbreaking. The thought of all the things you might have done recently that could have caused this. What did you eat?  What did you drink? This event can be traumatic enough as it is, but without Roe vs Wade it’s just getting started. Without Roe vs Wade you can’t simply flush the toilet and go to bed crying. Without Roe vs Wade you now have to call the police.

You don’t have time to mourn the death of your child, because you are now the prime suspect in a murder investigation, and your vagina is the crime scene. I can see the CBS procedural drama now. They can call it “CSI: Uterus.” Maybe you aren’t worried about Trump grabbing your pussy all that much, but if you have a miscarriage the police are going to have to. The horrible tragedy that just happened to you now gives authorities probably cause to search your body for clues to this potential crime.  Your body is now a literal body of evidence, and if they find something they don’t like you’re going to be telling them the same story they’ve heard a thousand times from other women who claimed they didn’t know they were pregnant.

The truth is that women generally know they are pregnant before anybody else does, and if you’re the type of woman that would want to have an abortion there’s about a thousand ways to do it discreetly without going to a doctor or an abortion clinic. Chug a bunch of liquor, “fall down some stairs,” take a normally innocuous drug with just the right side effects. If anybody finds out the claim that “they didn’t know they were pregnant” will be the first words out of their mouth.

So what do we do?  If authorities believe this statement all the time then what good did banning abortion accomplish? Any woman who wants one can still have one and get away with it scot-free. Either we run the risk of convicting innocent women of murder because we don’t believe them, or we run the risk of letting actual murderers go free because we do believe them. Do you trust Trump to make the right decision about your pussy?

But wait…there’s more. Let’s say you’re a young woman who isn’t sure if she wants to keep the child or not. Or let’s say you’re a woman who’s had a miscarriage before and wants to keep your pregnancy on the downlow hoping that if it happens again you can avoid any police entanglements. The first thing a woman should do upon realizing she might be pregnant is go to the doctor and confirm it. Without Roe vs Wade however this becomes a problem. Once the doctor knows you’re pregnant they are now required to notify authorities of your situation so that if a baby never materializes they can start asking you “why?”

Not only does this have the effect of delaying many women’s trip to their doctors, but once the word is out the pressure is now on. You now have to spend the next eight months or so with the stress of the police breathing down your neck on top of all the other stresses that come along with carrying a child. You now know that if you fail to produce a child not only will you suffer the tragedy of losing your baby, but there’s a chance you may end up in prison. Any complications in your pregnancy and it is no longer a private tragedy, it’s can become a part of the public record for all to see.

Now some might try and say that a ban on abortion wouldn’t result in punishment for the woman.  Even though Trump literally said that it should and numerous pro-life extremists fully agreed with him he later attempted to walk it back after someone who realized how unpopular that idea was explained it to him.  But if that’s all true, then what exactly is the point? How exactly do you expect to have any measurable effect on reducing abortion if there are no consequences for women who have them? Republicans say the laws will only affect abortion providers, but all that accomplishes is to make women who want an abortion to look for less safe alternatives; the black market, unsafe drugs, letting your boyfriend hit you in the stomach with a baseball bat(yes that happens)…

We have accomplished nothing in terms of actually restricting or reducing abortion in any way shape or form.  All that we have done is radically invade upon the rights of millions of women most of whom are completely innocent of any wrongdoing whatsoever.

All of this is a reality that faces a world without Roe vs Wade and we still haven’t gotten into thinking about what happens when Republicans start to claim women are lying about rape in order to get abortions.

So please. Even if you truly believe that life begins at conception, and that abortion is murder take the time to realize what these women are truly fighting for. Most of the women who marched on Washington either already are or some day hope to be loving mothers who have absolutely no intention of ever getting pregnant before marriage or having an abortion even if they do.

These women are not simply fighting for the right to have an abortion. These women simply know their history. They understand that a world without Roe vs Wade is not a world we ever want to go back to. America was not great in those days and if it is repealed it certainly won’t be great in the future.

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