Trump/Manning 2016

…letting a businessman fix the economy because he’s done well in it would be like letting a rat fix a maze just because he found his way out of it.


trumpmanningSo you think the Economy sucks, and we need someone who knows a thing or two about business to get it back in the right direction huh?  Well I have some bad news for you.  You are actually the single biggest problem that we have with the economy.  I’m sorry.  I really do hate to burst your bubble(no pun intended), but it’s voters just like yourself that continue to screw over your own economy time and time again.

The belief that Businessmen know anything special about the economy is the single most successful lie that has ever been purported onto the voters of this planet. It’s understandable why people believe it.  Successful business men have managed to navigate the economy quite well.  Clearly they’ve done better than you so you assume they know something you don’t about it.  Well they might, but it’s not what you think, and it’s not going to help the economy.

In reality letting a businessman fix the economy because he’s done well in it would be like letting a rat fix a maze just because he found his way out of it.  All you’re doing is giving him the ability to construct a hidden route only he knows to insure him and his friends can get through it easily.  The rat has no motivation to help any other random rats get to the end of the maze, particularly not rats that he’s competing with for cheese.

Or maybe a more relatable analogy…what would happen if you let Peyton Manning modify the rules of football?  You may think to yourself, “he’s one of the greatest football players of all time right?  So then he must know something about the game, and how to make it better.”  The problem of course is that Peyton Manning is a quarterback, and the things he tends to find “wrong” with the game are not things that are necessarily problems with the game.  They are simply things that as a quarterback made him frustrated. Things that made his job harder. Things like having all those ridiculously tall defenders in the way of him completing a pass, or having defensive linemen trying to tackle him while he’s trying to throw the football.

These are not problems with the game, they are problems for quarterbacks and fixing them does not improve the game it just makes it easier on quarterbacks.  But quarterbacks like businessmen are just one player on their respective fields, and while you might think that quarterbacks like businessmen are also the most important players on the field you’d again be mostly wrong.  Quarterbacks like businessmen are important, but the reason they have become so important is because the rules of the game have been changed to benefit them.

Rules preventing defensive players from making any contact with receivers at all have turned the game into a pass heavy league. This intern creates the necessity of having a really good quarterback, and paying that quarterback a lot of money.  What is worse is that because the value of quarterbacks has gone up, we now feel the need to add even more rules to protect them. It started with simple things like ruffing the passer, then allowing quarterbacks to intentionally ground the ball outside the tackles.

Over time these additional rules have made Quarterbacks like Peyton Manning so essential to their teams success that they are now “too big to fail.” We now feel the need to put rules in place making it practically illegal to hit them at all.  There’s no reason the game has to be this way it’s just the way that the game has evolved as more rules have been put in place to primarily benefit one position on the field.

The same is true about businesses.  They are just one piece of the economy, and in a well designed economy they’re not actually a very important piece at all.  The problem is that over time we’ve put more and more rules in place to try and help out businesses allowing individual businesses to grow so massive that they now control enormous sections of the economy.  This intern makes them more important as a failure of any one massive business like GM, Citibank, Walmart or McDonald’s causes thousands of people to lose their jobs.  It also gives them so much bargaining power that they can force the workers they do have to accept wages that border on slavery.

This does not benefit the economy any more than removing defensive players would benefit the game of football.  It just makes the game so easy on players like Manning and Trump that they’re barely even required to try any more.  The competition is removed not improved.

Does this mean that a businessman can’t make a good president?  No, not necessarily. Just like Peyton Manning could conceivably make a good NFL commissioner if he can forgo his personal bias towards his old position a businessman could conceivably build a strong economy if he can check his ego at the door and realize that businessman like himself are not the most important part of it.  But when you’re talking about someone like Donald Trump expecting him to check his ego would be like expecting Manning to play running back.  It’s not going to happen.